Horses Have Such Interesting Personalities

I remember growing up in town but having a dad who always wanted to own a farm. We would visit dad’s friends on the weekends, and they all had farms. I started riding horses bareback as a child. The horses only had a bridal for steering, and no saddle. I remember the first time riding in the fields and having so much fun. However, the next day my inner thighs ached something awful. I grew up to own horses, and now my wife and I buy childrens horse riding clothes for our daughters. They learned to ride horses without saddles, but they wear the uniforms and have fancy saddles for competitions. They are real horse kids who spend all their free time riding, grooming and learning how to compete.

They both have won a lot of ribbons, trophies and prizes. I am just a self-taught rider and so is my wife. We can ride rough trails and handle a horse even in tough terrain. Continue reading

Having a Lot of Issues with the Insurance Companies

It was just another day, I got up and went to work like usual and then my boss sent me out on an errand. I grabbed the keys to the pick up truck and I took off, stopping to grab a fountain drink at the corner. I never really saw the guy who ran the light at the intersection, he did not hit me any way. He made it through, but he caused someone else to plow into the truck. I may have to get a Sacramento personal injury lawyer as it looks right now, because the guy that hit me did not have a license and the car belonged to this girl he was dating. Unfortunately for me and the company, he also had another girlfriend and a wife. At first she said that he had her permission to borrow the car, but then she got wise to all of the other women in his life. After that she said that he had stolen the car. Continue reading