Attack on Titan Cosplay

I’ve started seeing more and more walking flayed and big-toothed figures at comic conventions these days. If you don’t know the origins of these chilling specters, you really need to watch “Attack on Titan”on either Netflix, Crunchy Roll or Hulu. Telling the story of children in a walled-off city fending off attack from giant monster who look like walking muscle-covered humanoid. Think of those picture of the muscular system from anatomy class with with huge teeth and about 50 stories tall and faces like the boogeyman. People have started taking on the form of one of two character models from the series: either the Titan themselves or the militarily garbed children, main that of main characters Eren Yaeger or his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman. While one is easier to create using homemade materials and uniform bases, the other will require a lot of time and effort to pull off. Making your own is often a lot cheaper than buying pre-made costumes, but you may still have to buy certain pre-made elements, if not a whole pre-made costume altogether. Choose your character wisely. Then spend your time at cons either screaming while pointing up or walking around as you munch on miniature figures standing in your frightened citizens.

 Eren Yaeger/Military Uniform

For this you’ll need:

* Small, dark beige leather jacket with wide lapels that stop at your midriff

* Yellow wool tunic with black neck laces/white button up shirt

* White or Light blue denim Jeans

* Straps from pre-made Cosplay costumes from

* Dark Brown or Black Knee-High Boots

* White patches with the Military Logo from the anime (just a winged bird left side black, right side


* Red Scarf and a black, shoulder length wig for Mikasa

Try to find pre-made cosplay outfits on that include gun holster shoulder straps as well as hip straps that descend down your legs to the boots. You may want to add a brown hip drape over your leather belt to add to the authenticity. You can get white patches and either draw or embroider the military logo on them and attach them to the shoulders or front pockets of the jacket. You can also add homemade accessories such as swords and fake guns to complete the visual.

 Titan Cosplay

 This is trickier and potentially more expensive, so you might want to but pre-made Titan costumes that are available online. If not, then you will need:

* White tights

* Full arm-length body suit

* White gloves

* White ballet shoes

* White Skull face mask that you can draw on

* Detailed knowledge of the human musculature system (or you can just look up anatomy pics online)

* Red and black fabric paint

This involves painting on the legs and body of the leggings and bodysuit before you put on the outfit. You can fit both on a mannequin or similar fitting doll that approximates your body size and paint on that. This will take a long time, as you will have to look at reference materials to get it just right. The best route is to focus on one body part at a time. First do the legs, then the torso, then the arms. You can use a head bust to draw on the skull mask designs and muscle ligaments. Even go so far as to apply make-up to your ears to make them look exposed at well. Finally, steal some of your younger brothers top soldier to gnaw on as you wall the convention aisles for that hilarious final touch.