Having a Lot of Issues with the Insurance Companies

It was just another day, I got up and went to work like usual and then my boss sent me out on an errand. I grabbed the keys to the pick up truck and I took off, stopping to grab a fountain drink at the corner. I never really saw the guy who ran the light at the intersection, he did not hit me any way. He made it through, but he caused someone else to plow into the truck. I may have to get a Sacramento personal injury lawyer as it looks right now, because the guy that hit me did not have a license and the car belonged to this girl he was dating. Unfortunately for me and the company, he also had another girlfriend and a wife. At first she said that he had her permission to borrow the car, but then she got wise to all of the other women in his life. After that she said that he had stolen the car.

Either way no one wants to be the insurance company who picks up the bill and I have a lot of expenses from it. To start with I had to go to hospital and my insurance does not pick up everything. The deductible is really large and that is a lot of money that I really do not have. Then of course I have been out of work for about three weeks now and I really do need those paychecks. In my old job I would have been able to do a lot of the work from at home, but my boss now does not trust that sort of thing. He is convinced that the communists are going to be spying on us and all sorts of strange stuff like that. It is rather silly.